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While many schools already provide high-end health insurance to their faculty and staff, maintaining stable premiums continues to be a challenge. Expat Insurance Asia has a solution.

Sustainable Insurance Premiums for Teachers

It goes without saying that a school is only as good as its teachers, and many international schools in Asia have acknowledged this fact by offering very benefit-rich, comprehensive health insurance plans to their faculty and staff. However, the downside to this trend are the resulting high number of medical claims teachers accrue well above their annual premiums each year, which in turn leads to renewal increases as much as 150% or more.

By working with our trusted health insurance partners on behalf of our many school clients, in recent years Expat Insurance Asia’s expert advisors have been able to reverse this unfavorable trend. We are able to ensure sustainable renewal terms and more affordable premiums for teachers’ benefits with a varied and focused approach to plan design and claims management, including cost containment measures such as:

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By limiting access to direct billing and elective treatment at luxury hospitals and clinics that charge the highest prices in Asia, you can ensure that your teachers’ claims do not exceed the annual premium of your school’s plan, which in turn leads to more reasonable renewal terms the following year. It also helps to encourage your teachers to more frequently visit public hospitals in China, or more affordable healthcare providers in Thailand, so as to avoid high claims usage.

Another effective step to designing a sustainable school health insurance plan is to limit the geographical area of cover. For example, you may wish to consider limiting coverage in the USA, excluding the USA altogether, or even reducing the area of cover to Asia, Greater China or Mainland China only.

One of the best ways to creating a cost-effective health insurance solution is to apply a co-pay or annual deductible at higher cost medical providers. In doing so you encourage faculty members to give more thought to how often they visit the hospital or nearby clinic, as they will be responsible for paying a portion of the bill out-of-pocket. You may even wish to consider excluding such expensive providers from the plan benefits altogether.

Many international schools in Asia still tend to encourage over-usage of health insurance plans by offering luxury benefits to teachers, such as maternity, dental, health checks and vaccinations and/or vision. Instead, consider placing a cap on coverage for clinic visits, providing a voucher for health checks at a reasonably priced medical facility, or scrapping unnecessary benefits such as home nursing fees.

Often times the best solutions come from clear communication: Speak to your board members, faculty, staff and Expat Insurance Asia to determine the way forward to creating a balance between health insurance needs and budget, and most importantly sustainable premiums for years to come.

Cover for inpatient (hospitalization) treatment and emergencies is the staple of any health insurance plan, and given the high cost of such treatment, the reason most people want health insurance cover.

Adding coverage for outpatient treatment, or medical treatment for minor injuries and illnesses during visits to a clinic, creates a more comprehensive health insurance package for your teachers.

Adding maternity benefits on to a school health insurance plan tends to most significantly increase premium, as insurers typically require all group members to be provided the benefit in order to further spread out the risk for high medical claims.

International insurers generally offer a range of dental benefits, including routine, complex and/or orthodontic treatments.

Annual health check-ups, or preventative care, are often very useful for your teachers so they may catch any major illness early on, thereby avoiding significantly higher medical costs in future. Most insurers typically include a minimal amount of coverage for travel vaccinations and/or child immunizations within this benefit as well.

Often regarded as a luxury benefit by international insurers in Asia, coverage for vision is still available through high-end insurers. This most commonly provides minimal cover for an annual eye test, prescribed spectacles including frames and lenses and/or contact lenses when a prescription has changed.

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